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Global Exchange Trading System (GETS)

General Introduction

The GETS concept and GETS Technology have been developed since 2004 from Scotland in the United Kingdom by seasoned industry veterans who have been involved internationally in the B2B Trade Exchange industry since 1993. It was officially launched in 2006 and offers a multi-functional transaction software platform that supports an online computerized marketplace for non-cash, mutual credit transactions and also has components to facilitate multi-currency forms, including loyalty programs.

Incorporated into the GETS Technology are standards such as transparency of your system and Credit-Issuing to your members – both follow set processes that have been established from proven and ethical practices. These very processes are not only in our instruction for you, but also in our technology. These are just a few examples. GETS Plus delivers education and planning on many concepts and processes so that a common set of sustainable standards is being followed. That way, credit-clearing communities that subscribe to the GETS method will be recognized as communities that are trusted, sustainable, and in-step with a shared vision.

GETS Plus promotes the following Core Standards

  • Transparency of your system with your members.
  • Responsible credit-issuing based on sound principles.
  • Compliance with local and federal laws.
  • Operating to a Code of Ethics.
  • Operating to Quality Management Procedures.
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