Annette Riggs (Stub)

Role and Expertise Annette is currently the President of the International Reciprocal Trade Association’s (IRTA) Global Board, and also is the Founder and Managing Director of the Community Connect Trade Association in Colorado. She specializes in non-monetary, Business to Business (B2B) trade, also known as barter. Press/Media Contact–contact-1.asp

Arjo Klamer

Arjo Klamer

Arjo Klamer is professor of the Economics of Art and Culture at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and holds the world's only chair in the field of cultural economics. Prior to that and after acquiring his PhD at Duke University, he taught for many years at several universities in the US, including Wellesley College and George Washington University. Read more

Arthur Brock (Stub)

Role and Expertise Arthur is a multifaceted maestro and systems thinker extraordinaire. He has worked in organizational design, creating one of Denver’s first “flat” tech companies and a school run by its students.  He has created companies like “Geek Gene“, one of the very first B Corp companies.  He also has a special knack for... Read more

Becky Booth

Becky Booth is Spice’s co-founder and current CEO. She has extensive community development experience and along with Geoff Thomas originated the principles of the now successful time credit systems that characterises Spices’ work. Spice is a social enterprise that develops time credits systems for communities and public services that engage and empower the many rather than the few. Contact

Bernard Lietaer

Bernard Lietaer (Stub)

Role and Expertise Bernard is the author of The Future of Money (translated in 18 languages), and is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems.   He has studied and worked in the field of money for more than 30 years in an unusually broad range of capacities including as a... Read more

Bernard von NotHaus (Stub)

Bernard von NotHaus is the creator of the Liberty Dollar and co-founder of the Royal Hawaiian Mint Company.

Bob Swann

Bob was a close friend of economist E.F. Schumacher and inspired the Schumacher Center for a New Economics' work on local currencies and the commons. Read more

Camilo Ramada

Camilo Ramada is a specialist in developing mobile and digital payments as tools for local economic growth. Read more

Christian Gelleri

Christian Gelleri

Christian Gelleri is the initiator of the Chiemgauer, a regional currency (Regiogeld in German) in Bavaria, Germany. The success of Chiemgauer had a role in the proliferation of regional currencies throughout the country. Read more

Christoph Pfluger (Stub) magazine in CH, organised a big summit in CH in 80s out of which came the Talente CH, then AU

David Boyle (Stub)

David Courtney Boyle, born 1958, is a British author and journalist who writes mainly about history and new ideas in “economics”, money, business and culture.

David Weston (Stub)

David Weston is a money reform activist in Britain and Canada. More info:

E. F. Schumacher

Ernst Friedrich "Fritz" Schumacher (16 August 1911 – 4 September 1977) was an internationally influential economic thinker, statistician and economist in Britain, serving as Chief Economic Advisor to the UK National Coal Board for two decades. His ideas became popularized in much of the English-speaking world during the 1970s. Read more

Edgar Cahn (Stub)

Edgar S. Cahn, JD, PhD is a distinguished legal professor, former counsel and speech writer to Robert F. Kennedy, and the creator of Time Banking. A key figure for the complementary currency movement, Cahn grounded the discipline in certain core values, such as solidarity, equality and respect. Read More:

Edgar Kampers

Edgar Kampers

Edgar is co-founder and executive co-director of Qoin where he focuses on policy strategy, monetary design, legal advice and compliancy, fundraising, as well as monitoring and research. Read more

Eric Harris-Braun (Stub)

Eric Harris-Braun designs and builds software infrastructure for the new economy. He is a co-founder of the MetaCurrency project, which is creating a platform for communities of all scales to design and deploy their own currencies. He works closely with The Collective Intelligence Research Institute, a research and development group dedicated to understanding and developing... Read more

Georgina Gomez

Dr. Georgina Gomez is currently a University Lecturer at the department of Human Resources and Local Development of the International Institute of Social Studies, part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Read more

Gill Seyfang

Gill is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Consumption, and leader of the programme researching ‘Grassroots Innovations’ for sustainability. She is an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist, linking sustainability policy agendas with new economics theories and cutting edge community based practice. Read more

Graham Barnes (Stub)

FEASTA (The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability) was formed in Ireland in 1998 to explore the economic, cultural and environmental characteristics of a truly sustainable society. Since 2006 Graham has worked with FEASTA on the monetary and financial characteristics of such a society. Since 2012 he has written a series of connected articles covering... Read more

Harry te Riele

Harry te Riele

Harry is an entrepreneur, coach, writer, teacher, and researcher covering a range of topics, aiming at reducing the societal & environmental load of entire societal systems. Read more

Hazel Henderson (Stub)

Hazel Henderson is a futurist and an economic iconoclast. In recent years she has worked in television, and she is the author of several books including Building A Win-Win World, Beyond Globalization, Planetary Citizenship (with Daisaku Ikeda), and Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy.

Helmuth Creutz (Stub)

Helmut Creutz is an economist and activist. Since the 1970s, he has been involved in many environmentalist campaigns, as well as arguing for economic reform. His best-known work, “The Money Syndrome”, argues that certain adverse tendencies of current capitalist economies are inherent to the monetary system, including: upward redistribution of wealth and corresponding increase in inequality;... Read more

Henk van Arkel

Henk van Arkel

Henk is the founder and CEO of STRO, an organisation that develops innovative tools for economic development. Read more

Hugo Godschalk (Stub)

Dr. Hugo Godschalk is a native Dutchman that lives in Germany for more than 35 years. He is member of the advisory board of the Association of the Regiogeld initiatives. Hugo is the founder and managing director of PaySys Consultancy in Frankfurt am Main.

Hugo Wanner

Hugo Wanner

Hugo Wanner is a sociologist and economist who has extensive knowledge and expertise in developing alternative finance models Read more

Igor Byttebier

Igor Byttebier

Igor Byttebier has a background in the banking industry. He worked as a creativity, innovation and change consultant in about 20 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. Read more

Irving Fischer

Irving Fisher (February 27, 1867 – April 29, 1947) was an American economist, statistician, and social campaigner. Read more

James Stodder (Stub)

Dr. Stodder’s areas of expertise include corporate and public finance, monetary economics, game theory, and the economics of developing and transitional countries. He wrote a now infamous article on the counter-cyclical nature of the WIR currency in Switzerland.

Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell

Professor Jem Bendell is an advisor, educator, researcher and writer with fifteen years at the forefront of innovations in business responses to sustainable development. He is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and Director of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. Read more

John Rogers

John Rogers

John Rogers has been running a local exchange system in Wales for more than 10 years. He is the co-founder of the Wales Institute for Community Currencies at the University of Newport, which he co-directed from 2003-2007. Read more

Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh is an expert on the theory and practice of monetary systems, including community currency (CC) systems. He was a key member of the team that enabled the development of the UK’s first mobile- and web-enabled payment platform – Community Currency 2.0 - to enable CCs to upscale and be more widely accepted by local authorities and other social purpose institutions. Read more

Ludwig Schuster (Stub)

Ludwig Schuster works as a project manager and consultant for social enterprises, with extensive expertise in the development of complementary currencies and alternative forms of financing.

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Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater took up a career in developing (mainly programming) mutual credit systems after less successful attempts at living a purposeful life Read more

Michael Linton

Michael Linton

Michael Linton is a prominent figure in the world of community currencies because he is the creator of the concept of “Local Exchange Trading System”, commonly known as LETS, back in 1983. Read more

Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato is Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University and has worked for several years as a green economist. Read more

Noel Longhurst

Noel Longhurst is an academic researcher within Science, Society and Sustainability Research Group, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich. Read more

Norbert Rost

Norbert Rost

Norbert Rost studied business & computers at TU Dresden and wrote his Master’s thesis on money theory Read more

Pat Conaty (Stub)

Pat is a Californian working in England and Wales. He has worked with NEF since 1987 and is also a research associate of Co-operatives UK. He specialises in action research, education and development that focuses on successful methods of social economic innovation. More info:

Ralf Becker (Stub)

Ralf received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the Johannis Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany) and his PhD degree from Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia). After completing his PhD in 2003 he worked as a Lecturer at QUT before he started as a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Manchester in January 2005 where... Read more

Richard Douthwaite

Richard was a British writer, journalist, speaker, ecologist and professional economist. He is the author of many influential books, among which ‘The Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet’ Read more

Richard Logie

Richard is the managing director of The Business Exchange and has been involved in the Corporate Trade Exchange industry for 17 years. Read more