Spice Time Credits

Overview The agency time credit model Spice has developed over the last ten years time credits to acknowledge people’s contribution to their community. For every hour contributed by a citizen to designing and delivering services they earn one time credits. Credits can then be used to access events, learning, cultural or leisure opportunities, or to trade... Read more

Echo (Economy of Hours)


Echo is a timebank based in  East London and focusing on business-to-business exchanges. It was conceived as part of the Olympic Park (re)development process and now offers a platform for business, organizations and individuals to trade skills and time-denominated assets. It also offers its online platform to local timebanks. Read more on http://economyofhours.com

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Nectar Points (Stub)

Loyalty points given to consumers when they spend money at Sainsbury, one of the largest retailer in the UK. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nectar_loyalty_card

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Oliver LETS (Stub)

“Bath L.E.T.S. covers the city of Bath and surrounds. The scheme is open to all residents  and organisations. The currency  we use is called the ‘Oliver ’.  These are used in a more flexible way than barter, and wealth created is kept within our area.” From http://www.bathlets.org/oliver

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Emissions Trading Scheme (Stub)

Emissions trading or cap and trade is a market-based approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. A central authority (usually a governmental body) sets a limit or cap on the amount of a pollutant that may be emitted. The limit or cap is allocated or sold... Read more

The Business Exchange (TBEX)

Introduction The Business Exchange was founded in 1995 by Richard Logie and Linda Sim in Aberdeen, Scotland. It functions as a trade exchange network where members can extend mutaul credit when they trade with eachother. Purpose The principle purpose of the exchange is to support the local economy by providing a platform for local business... Read more

BarterCard (Stub)

Bartercard is a business marketplace with 55,000 cardholders who barter-trade over £33m every month. Until we add more content to this article, visit their website for more information.

LETS in UK (Stub)

This article will provide an overview of the LETS network in the UK. Please contribute if you can!

Barter Angels

Barter Angels is a barter network launched in the United Kingdom in 2010 that uses a virtual currency, the Barter Pound, as unit of exchange. Read more

Blaengarw TimeCentre

The Blaengarw Time Centre is a time bank founded in 2006 in Blaengarw, South Wales, United Kingdom. It is believed to be the largest time bank in Europe and possibly in the world Read more

Stroud Pound

The Stroud Pound is a complementary currency launched in Stroud, Gloucestershire, U.K. in 2009 by the local Transition Town initiative. Read more

Totnes Pound

new Totnes Pound

The Totnes Pound is a local currency launched in 2007 by the Transition Town Totnes Economics and Livelihoods group. Read more



The Eko is the community currency of the Findhorn Eco-village Project in northeast Scotland. Read more

Lewes Pound


The Lewes Pound is a local currency running in the town of Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Inspired by the Totnes Pound and BerkShare, this complementary currency was introduced with the blessing of the town council in September 2008 by the Lewes Pound Group, a spin off from the Business Group of Transition Town Lewes. Read more

Bristol Pound


Introduction The Bristol Pound (£B) is a community currency in the city of Bristol, U.K. Launched in September 2012, it is the first city-wide instance of a Transition currency in the U.K. The scheme is a partnership between The Bristol Pound Community Interest Company (CIC) and Bristol Credit Union . The project garnered the support... Read more