Bancor (Supranational Clearing Currency) (Stub)

The bancor was a supranational currency that John Maynard Keynes and E.F. Schumacher conceptualised in the years 1940-42 and which the United Kingdom proposed to introduce after the Second World War. This newly created supranational currency would then be used in international trade as a unit of account within a multilateral clearing system – the... Read more

C3 Uruguay (Stub)

The C3 Uruguay harbors a double accounting system in which both pesos as well as dollars can be administrated. This reflects the reality of the Uruguayan financial system where the use of dollar has a agreed place. Consequently members have an account in which the units have the same value as the national currency –... Read more

GEM (Stub)

GEM is a digital “commodity-based” or “basket” currency. Like other currencies of this type, it is designed to be non-inflationary – i.e., because the value of the currency is directly tied to the aggregate value of a number of “core” commodities, it never loses value in relation to commodity prices. More info:

LEDDA Token System

The token is the proposed local currency of the Local Economic Direct Democracy Association (LEDDA) framework, under development by the LEDDA Partnership. The LEDDA framework, or synonymously, LEDDA economic direct democracy, is a local, parallel economic system that synthesizes a host of local, open, and participatory approaches to make them scalable, efficient, secure, stable, and... Read more

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The Saber is a currency system proposed by Bernard Lietaer, consisting of a time-based voucher system (issued by the government) that allows younger students to buy tutorage from older students. Read more



SoNantes is a complementary currency to be launched in Nantes, France in spring 2014 Read more

Terra (Stub)

Terra (The Trade Reference Currency, TRC) is the name of a possible “world currency”. The concept was proposed by Belgian economist and expert on monetary systems Bernard A. Lietaer in 2001, based on a similar proposal from the 1930s. The currency is meant to be based on a basket of the 9-12 most important commodities... Read more