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Community Currency

The term Community Currency (CC) is often used synonymously with Complementary Currency but is also used for the subset of non-for-profit CCs where user or community engagement is central to the initiation and/or governance and the impact of the currency system is beyond the self-interest of the operator or user. The term community can include geographically determined groups as well as communities of interest or business sectors and ‘virtual communities’.

For instance, through designing them towards their specific objective, community currencies can contribute to the stability, resiliency and cohesion of a community by strengthening networks of social support, providing informal healthcare, elderly care or childcare, and even improve the socio-economic condition of those excluded from the formal economy.

Likewise even business to business currencies can be operated as co-operatives for SMEs, where any profits generated are distributed back to the members and the system contributes to a more resilient and divers economy.

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