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Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh is an expert on the theory and practice of monetary systems, including community currency (CC) systems. He was a key member of the team that enabled the development of the UK’s first mobile- and web-enabled payment platform – Community Currency 2.0 – to enable CCs to upscale and be more widely accepted by local authorities and other social purpose institutions. The platform was piloted in the UK with the Brixton and Bristol Pound projects.  Josh also played a key role in securing funding for the CCIA project itself.  Josh has also researched and written on social currency schemes, including timebanking and coproduction in public services.  Josh, a senior researcher at the new economics foundation, is the lead author of the monetary policy textbook ‘Where Does Money Come From’ which describes the workings of the UK monetary system and how private banks dominate the supply and allocation of money via credit creation. Josh is a founding member and Director of the Brixton Pound, the UK’s first urban local currency, which was launched in South London in September 2009 as a paper currency and which became the first UK currency to enable payments via mobile phone in September 2011. The Brixton pound, backed one to one with sterling, support local traders, charities and a local credit union where its sterling reserves are held.  The currency is also supported by Lambeth Council (municipality) which allows Brixton pounds to be used for local business taxes and pays staff in the currency.  As a CCIA partner, Lambeth are up-scaling the Brixton Pound model across the municipality.


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