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General description

Qoin is a Dutch not-for-profit organisation focusing on the research, design and application of community currencies. Since 1998 Qoin assists public authorities, SMEs, NGOs and citizens to use a wide range of alternative economic instruments including community currencies, commercial barter, business-to-business systems, loyalty and reward schemes. Qoin holds extensive expertise in community building, environmentally responsible solutions, social innovation and economic development. The foundation works towards a society where communities are capable of realising their goals around the social economy (care and welfare), sustainability, entrepreneurship and healthy government finance.

Qoin has been involved in EU-funded projects using community currency programs: Banking on Culture, Barataria Exchange Project, and NU spaarpas. Currently, Qoin is a partner in the CCIA project and contributed to the development of currencies like the Brixton Pound, WeHelpen, Makkie and TradeQoin. Qoin has also consulted for the Bristol Pound CIC and Bristol Credit Union in the development phase of the Bristol Pound.


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