Abby Greer 2013 – Potlucks – timebank doc

doc-article: Abby Greer 2013 – Potlucks – timebank doc

Timebanks and why potlucks bring connection and how to do them well!

“What happens at our potlucks is nothing short of magical. It is very hard for me to explain the aura in a room full of timebankers but I have narrowed it down to one thing: We all believe in each other! I feel that our potluck is filled with a room full of people who respect one another and the greater community.”

doc-title: TB-USA Coordinator Call – Potluck Presentation
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doc-size: 12 pages

doc-author: Abby Greer / Crooked River Association of Timebanks
doc-year: 2013


upload-filename: abby-greer-2013-potlucks.doc

There is a recording of this on the TBUSA that is fully available. This is a transcript and documents for it.

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