Finding and Joining a Timebank

Finding a Timebank

One of the first questions people have about timebanking is whether there’s a Timebank nearby. If you can’t find a timebank near you, contact ones that are closest. Some timebanks encourage creating hubs or neighborhoods outside of their central area. This can be a way to bring timebanking close to you, without all the work of starting your own Timebank from scratch.

Directories are provided by some timebank support organizations, including regional and national umbrella organizations, and alliances of timebanks. Each directory may or may not include all timebanks in an area. In some areas there are no organizations providing this information.

Also try Google or your favorite search engine! Search for “timebank” or “service exchange” and the name of your town, county, state or country.

Here is the Timebank Knowledge Commons List of Timebanks & Directories


Joining a Timbank

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tb-timebank – list of timebanks
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tb-internet – timebank internet service providers

tb-support – timebank support organizations
tb-network – directories of timebanking resources

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tb-members – for timebank members
tb-handbook – member handbooks
tb-signup – new member applications
tb-faq – frequently asked questions

tb-easy – light / intro material
tb-video – videos about timebanking

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