Eco-Pesa (Stub)

Eco-Pesa is the name of a Kenyan local currency, used to reduce poverty and support environmental conservation in a slums areas inside the Kongowea Location, Mombasa District, Kenya. Pesa is the Kiswahili word for money.



In March 2007, the leading cell phone company in Kenya, Safaricom, launched M‐PESA, an SMS-based money transfer system that allows individuals and businesses to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds using their cell phone to anyone with another phone. Read more

El Bangla-Pesa, moneda complementaria de Mombasa, Kenya


Bangla-Pesa Introducción El Bangla-Pesa es una moneda complementaria lanzada en Bangladesh, un suburbio de Mombasa, la segunda ciudad de Kenia. Introducida en mayo del 2013 por Koru (una ONG local), para fortalecer y estabilizar la economía local. Más de 200 pequeños locales se unieron a la Red de Trabajo de Negocios de Bangladesh (Bangladesh Business... Read more