New Guide Book: People Powered Money

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As the conventional monetary system foundered following the financial crisis in 2008, interest in new types of money and how they can be used positively within our society has surged. Projects like Bitcoin have hit the headlines. Less noted, however, are the communities around the world which have started to experiment with their own currencies... Read more

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CCIA final evaluation published


Since the 2008 financial crisis, more people are exploring alternative approaches to economics and money. In this context, community currencies – new types of money designed by communities to meet their specific needs – are coming to the fore. Complementing rather than replacing conventional money, these community currencies all seek to address economic, social and... Read more

Curso Certificado de Monedas Complementarias


La Universidad de Cumbria ofrece el primer curso certificado en la Monedas Comunitarias, como un módulo residencial en su campus de Londres, el 18 de marzo del 2015. El curso será dado por el Profesor Jem Bendell del instituto de Liderasgo y Sustentabilidad (IFLAS, por sus siglas en ingles), conjuntamente con Leander Bendewald de CCIA/NEF.... Read more

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