LETS in NL (Stub)

The article will provide an overview of the LETS network in the Netherlands. Please contribute if you can!



Introduction The Dam platform was started by seven independents in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Dam Foundation was established in June 2013 and Dam was launched publicly on 1 August 2013. In the first six months, 220 accounts were activated, 80% of them being local enterprises. Dam is entirely virtual; there are no... Read more

De Zuiderling (Stub)

Time based currency operating in the Rotterdam area. Until more content is added to this article, for more information visit their website.

Tijdpunten (Stub)

Time based currency in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands. Until more content is added to this article, for more information visit their website.



TradeQoin is a complementary currency launched in 2013 in the Netherlands by Qoin as part of the CCIA project. It is a trade network for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that facilitates the exchange of goods and services within the network’s members through marketing and the use of a digital currency: the TradeQoin. Read more



Introduction Noppes was the first and is one of the largest LETS in the Netherlands. Its users are inhabitants of the capital city, Amsterdam. Noppes is also the (plural) name of the currency central to the LETS. Purpose Noppes was launched with the aim to facilitate the sharing economy in Amsterdam. Using Noppes, citizens can... Read more



The Makkie is a timebanking currency combined with a loyalty scheme, run in the Makassarsquare neighbourhood in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Read more

Nu Spaarpas

The NU-Spaarpas (literally NOW-incentive card) was a community currency designed as a loyalty and reward scheme launched in 2002 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Read more