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Cyclos is an open source online banking software used by microfinance institutions, local banks (in developing countries) and complementary currency systems like local currenciesLETStrade exchanges and time banks. Cyclos offers a complete on-line banking system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. Cyclos is available in more than ten languages and used throughout the world by many organizations and communities. The Cyclos platform permits a de-centralization of banking services that can stimulate local trade and development.


  • Online banking tools;
  • E-commerce platform;
  • Business directory;
  • Referrals and transaction qualifications;
  • Messaging and notification system;
  • Call/support center logging;
  • Integrated management information system;

Cyclos can be accessed through the web but also supports mobile phones (WAP/SMS) and POS (Point Of Sale) devices. Cyclos can also enable SMS and card payments.

Cyclos is a product of the Dutch non-profit organization STRO. Up to version 4 Cyclos has been completely open source. The latest release of Cyclos is licenced but no royalites are charged to non-for-profit organisations who enter into an agreement about the use of Cyclos with STRO. 1

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