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International Journal of Community Currency Research (IJCCR)

General Description

The International Journal of Community Currency Research is a online forum for distributing knowledge on community and complementary currencies.  Edited by Gill Seyfang and Colin C. Williams, it has been disseminating new scientific knowledge, research and evaluations since 1997 (IJCCR, 2013). Its extensive online catalogue of publications –by both academics and practitioners – seeks to make “knowledge about this innovative phenomenon accessible to all” (IJCCR, 2013). Its website states that:

“This peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a common forum for informed articulation and debate of empirical, critical and theoretical research on community currencies. We seek to bridge the gaps in knowledge, practice and communication which exist between community currency ‘activists’ and ‘academics’. Community currencies are here defined widely to encompass the full range of possible currency systems. Our desire is to facilitate analysis not only of those systems currently in use, including the ‘money-based’ systems such as LETS, time-based systems such as time-dollars and Ithaca hours, other scrip-based community exchanges as well as business trade exchanges, but also to provide an arena in which the historical use of community currencies can be explored” (IJCCR, 2013).

The complete catalogue of publications is available at <>


IJCCR, (2013) About the International Journal of Community Currency Research, accessed on 9 September 2013 at <>.

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