CCIA has produced a number of frameworks and resources for all those considering to Spiralstart a new community currency.

The most comprehensive publication is our hand book “People Powered Money – designing, developing and delivering community currencies” a how-to guide on creating your own community currency.

The book was based on the CCIA implementation framework, which presents the key issues and topics in the planning and implementation process.

For general introductions community currencies and the CCIA project, you can also peruse our CCIA standard presentations, all under a Creative Commons: Attribution, Share-Alike, Non-commercial licence:

CCIA Standard Presentation Part 1/2:

CCIA Standard Presentation Part 2/2:

And here are documents describing the business and management process of all CCIA pilot currencies, compiled by our partner Qoin:

CCIA Process Guide:

TradeQoin Processes:

SoNantes Processes:

Makkie Processes:

Spice Processes:

e-Portmonnee Processes:

Lambeth Processes: