A detailed compliance report was generated for each of the 6 CCIA pilot currencies. A copy of the reports can be downloaded here:

CCIA pilots compliance reports (zip file)

The legal document focus on certain areas of law and analyse them from the perspective of generic currency model. Details about the areas of law covered and generic currency models can be found below:

Legal Topics Overview (PDF)

Generic Currency Models Description (PDF)

A detailed overview of the applicability of relevant legislation to community currencies in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France and the UK. The detailed reports can be downloaded below:

France (PDF)




Belgium (PDF)


Netherlands (PDF)


Germany Summary (English PDF)


Germany (German PDF)


A comparative analysis of how financial services regulations are applied to community currencies across Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France and the UK can be downloaded below:

Financial Services Comparison (zip file)


A questionnaire that can be used by any project wishing to understand their legal and compliance situation can be downloaded below:



See these two websites for great information on the topic, particularely for the USA and France:

SELC in California: http://www.communitycurrencieslaw.org/

Sharelex in France: http://www.sharelex.org/