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Community Forge

Community Forge is a non-profit association in Geneva, Switzerland. Community Forge designs, develops and provides complementary currency systems and tools in order to help communities become more resilient. It distributes free, open-source software for managing currencies and provides hosted web space.

The mission statement of Community Forge is stated as follows:

“By offering economic tools, to enable real-world and virtual communities to declare their own localised currencies, and to trade in them using open source software (See Matthew Slater), thus building a more sustainable economy for the 21st century. Community Forge seeks to:

  • enable communities to use mutual credit currencies as part of a larger localisation movement;
  • campaign and educate for interest free money;
  • concentrate expertise and foster experimentation in complementary currency design.

Community Forge was founded by Matthew Slater and Tim Anderson. The Board now also includes Jem Bendell, Shawn Berlin and Danielle Warynski 1.

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