C-C.info is a gateway to online resources, literature and general knowledge on community and complementary currencies. It has been developed and published by the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) EU Interreg project in 2014 and maintained by international partners and volunteer contributors.

The material presented at the launch of C-C.info includes articles written by our staff as well as contributions from partners, particularly Stephen DeMeulenaere and the associates and volunteers of the Complementary Currency Resource Center.

Other collaborators trying to facilitate knowledge sharing on this topic include Rolf Schroeder (cc-literature), Ludwig Schuster (MonNeta), Tim Anderson (CommunityForge), Stephanie Rearick (buildFTW).

We invite you, as an individual, to contribute and share your knowledge, experience and material through this website. Registration to become a contributor is open to everybody. Submitted material will be approved by appointed editors in accordance with guidelines set by the curators and published under the Creative Commons licence, see below for details.

To ensure continuation of this platform beyond the support of the CCIA project, ownership and governance of the platform will be transferred to a consortium of language specific curators in 2015. The New Economics Foundation and Qoin have already committed to provide long term support. If your institution would like to collaborate and share the responsibility for maintenance, editorial processes and future developments of C-C.info, please get in touch.