The knowledge gateway provides access to online resources, literature and diverse research on CCs.

The site has been established as a wiki-like collection of categorised articles on community currencies, kept up to date by peer-contributions and with curation from our international partners to help uphold the readability and reliability of material.

You can explore and learn about common understandings of the key concepts, generic currency types and specific systems in operation today and in the past.

We give an overview of the people, organisations and projects which you might want to be aware of for your research. The site also offers access to a library of documents from different disciplines, as well as a multitude of images and videos.

We hope that our collection will help build further collaborations between researchers. Stay tuned for upcoming events and developments such as an international academic research association due to be launched towards the end of 2015. In the meantime here are some great existing platforms for CC researchers:

CC_Lit_LogoThis is a prime resource for researchers hosted by Rolf Schroeder at the university of Bremen, Germany. Find this project at or access the vast bibliography database of international publications right here (if the direct search does not work, please start from the main URL above):

IJCCR logoThe IJCCR was conceived as an online forum for disseminating knowledge about community and complementary currencies. As a freely available online resource, it makes new scientific knowledge about this innovative phenomenon accessible to all, so overcoming many of the barriers separating ‘academics’ from ‘activists’. It also offers speedy publication of new findings, again overcoming the lengthy delays associated with publishing in traditional academic print journals.
This peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a common forum for informed articulation and debate of empirical, critical and theoretical research on community currencies. And seeks to bridge the gaps in knowledge, practice and communication which exist between community currency ‘activists’ and ‘academics’.

There are othe organsition and projects that provide a range of differnet resources for CC-researchers: